Friday, July 29, 2011

Jar Fairy

I've been begging for the housecleaning fairy to visit my home. She never seems to make her way, I decided to set a fairy trap and lo and behold I caught one. Doesn't look like the housecleaning type, more like the court jester breed. She looks amazingly just like my daughter when she was about five. I'll keep her safely tucked away in this jar and feed her now and then.........I think she only eats ketchup.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Block

I am involved in a round robin for birthday, artist trading blocks. For the past few months I received a different person's birthday block to contribute to. This is Aileen's block which is now finished, I didn't add much to it since it was so full already. I didn't get pics of the entire block. Trust me it's amazing, full of creative ideas.

The side of the block had this birthday gal on it that I just had to add gold eyelashes to.

On the front and back I added a few paper clay buttons. There really wasn't much room left after seven ladies had done their magic.

Hard to imagine that just a few months ago it was just a plain wooden block:)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Paperclay Buttons

Just a couple quick photos of some paperclay buttons I made.

Not sure what I'll use them for but they were fun to make and I have an almost sick (yes! I said almost) obsession with buttons right now. I think I'll use the  little face one for some kind of button girl. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Emo/Steampunk Necklace

Last week my friends Aileen and Kris introduced me to paperclay. I mostly made buttons as I am obsessed with buttons right now. But I also made this necklace for my teen daughter who loves everything dark and mysterious. It's designed after a broken heart she has drawn many times.
After letting it air dry , I painted it a deep red, for that blood effect.

Lastly I whitewashed ( or is it black washed?) it, letting the red show in the broken section, and sealed it with PYMII.  She was happily surprised when she saw the end product. Not my style, but fun to make:)


I've decided that I need a blog to post my tinkerings. Just little art/craft projects that I manage to get myself into. I am so excited to share some things and to complete some projects that I've started and Ok I admit it, there are several I haven't even started yet. Hope we can have some fun here:)


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