Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb = Pink Project

My February Project for the
is finished !!!
Ok well, it's Pink and Green, but it's finished and I like it .
Still have to decide who it's for . I have a feeling that by December I will have gifts without intended
reciepients. Might just wrap them all and say "pick one."
Here's my Pink bird banner. 
Just a simple bird banner.

Little closer view

It really is hot pink, looks a little red here. I'm loving playing with felt.

And a little Green guy.

Stop by the 12 Months site and see what other are creating, remember you can join the project any time :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Glow Inchie

My inchie prompt this week was "glow" I looked and didn't have any glow in the dark paint. That would have been fun to play with. So I made a little glow worm. Easy lil guy just tiny pom poms.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day Banners

Heart Banners

This banner is one made by a group of art friends. Everyone made enough hearts for each other to have one. Love how they're all so different, yet perfect for Valentine's Day

These are music paper hearts I stuffed and sewed for a banner for my daughter.

Glitter letters and black ribbon are all I needed to finish. I had to fight the urge to "bling" this up some more, but I knew she would like it better plain.

Here's the finished banner. She was very surprised and loved it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Inchie Catch up

I feel like I'm already constantly behind in my inchies. Was on vacation and missed a couple and I have no clue where the other Monday went. But I think I am now caught up again. Here goes:

The prompt for this Inchie is "shadow" I decided to make a shadow box. Making the box was the most difficult part of this. I placed two paper clay buttons inside.

This inchie is "smile" I know I know ! She's got one scary smile on her face. My daughter thinks I should have just gone with a wal-mart sticker  LOL

This is my "universe"  inchie. The stars are very tiny balls, they clumped up, we'll just call it space junk :)

My last inchie is "flyer". this is my little green bird. The wing is a heart sequin. I must be gearing up for Valentine's Day


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