Saturday, September 17, 2011

Farm Fresh

My sister has a backyard chicken coop with about 14 hens. They lay both brown and white eggs. They're loads of fun for her and we all enjoy the bounty of the nest. You can check out her little farm at 
A couple of months ago she tore down her front fence and has the boards waiting be used for kindling wood this winter. I rummaged through and found a few boards to make some signs out of. Since it was her wood I decided to make her sign first.
After pulling out some very rusty nails and using a wire brush to clean the board I noticed it was cracked and wouldn't last long in that condition. Didn't take much of a tug for it to break in two.
I will admit that I painted several layers on one end before finally coming up with colors that I liked and the right size.

Not sure if she'll put the sign on her coop, in her kitchen or where, but she liked it and it was fun to make.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween Block

Thought I'd post a Halloween block I'm working on. Not sure who it's for yet. I don't feel like it's finished. Needs something on top and maybe a base. i know I have some skulls around here somewhere, I think they'd be perfect on the top,need to search my goodie box.

I Love the background on this block, just newspaper that was leftover from another project. it's colorful fro paint splatters.
She's smiling, but trust me she's an ornery ol'witch

I think I could put scrabble letters on everything!!

Can't wait to make more holiday blocks, especially with Christmas right around the bend :)


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